I am a front-end web developer. I am responsible for the parts of web that you can see. I make beautiful, functional, and useful websites and applications. I strive for simple, efficient, and concise quality in the code I write. Specialties: HTML, CSS, JavaScript



Work History

07.03.19 Current
UI Engineer

I build innovative and elegant user interfaces on the Salesforce platform utilizing Salesforce’s design library, coding frameworks, web components, and custom HTML5, ES6+ Javascript.

06.30.15 06.30.19
Front End Engineer

I contributed to the BB design system by crafting thoughtful UI components. I build in- browser prototypes and high quality production UI. I ensure that front-end code services all users (accessibility) and devices (responsive and browser compatibility). I build code with an eye on reusability and patterns; translate wireframes and UI designs into functioning pages and components.

03.31.14 06.30.15
Senior Interactive Developer

I was responsible for planning, estimating, and making standards compliant websites and applications with leading technologies. All with the ability to self-organize and manage projects within time and budget constraints. Sometimes maintaining existing client websites and refactoring older code as needed.

03.31.13 03.31.14
Front End Web Developer

My primary role at Zeumo was front-end web code and user experience. I was responsible for UX/UI of our web and mobile applications using HTML, CSS, JS, and Ruby on Rails.

Shareable Ink
11.30.10 03.31.13
Front End Web Developer

Some apps were started in Ruby on Rails, while others were being ported to RoR from Java. I was tasked with ironing out the user experience and front-end of Shareable Ink's suite of web applications. I maintained visual consistency between legacy and new applications, while helping users quickly get to the information they needed in order to do their jobs (hospital staff) more efficiently.



A multi-day Javascript conference in Nashville, Tn


A multi-day Javascript conference in Nashville, Tn


Use a Task Runner Already!

Talk given at Nodevember 2014 on about the future of task runners and general tooling including Grunt, Gulp, and Broccoli.

Skill Areas

Web Development
GruntGulpWebpackTest AutomationProcess Automation
Adobe Creative Suite
Static Site Generators
Focused Interests
Design LibrariesLiving Style GuidesPattern LibrariesResponsive DesignUser ExperienceUsabilityA11Y


EnglishNative Speaker


  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    • Blue Belt (11.04.20)
  • Scottish Heavy Athletics
    • Weight Training
      • CrossFit
      • Powerlifting


    Jordan FarnworthJeff is a very talented Engineer that is not afraid to tackle hard problems, or come up with simple but elegant solutions to big architecture questions. He is easy to work with and would provide a great moral boost to any engineering team that he works with, he knows how to work hard but keep things light and fun. Jeff was always willing to take time to work through hard problems with me, I was always surprised with his demeanor and patience. I am a better engineer for having worked with him, and I would recommend him for any engineering organization.

    Justin LawJeff is an amazing Front-End Engineer. He is well versed in front-end technologies and is always ready to deliver. He has a great eye for design and UX which makes him invaluable. I know that he can solve any problem thrown at him. He is a pleasure to work with and has my strongest recommendation.

    David MoodyJeff is always spot on whenever I have asked something of him. He has created some of the best work I have ever seen in the industry. I constantly get positive comments about the work Jeff has done. I would never hesitate to use him or to recommend him.

    Ross JaynesJeff is an extremely professional, knowledgeable, and thorough designer. I would recommend his services to anyone in need of web or graphic design.

    Buddy JamesWhen it comes to graphic design, Jeff is a natural born designer. He brings the perfect mix of creative ideas with professional design standards. The end result is a graphical design that is cutting edge and yet still professional. Jeff is a self starter that can turn a clients idea into a functional, elegant solution. When I think of design work, I think of Jeff Boshers.

    Joe ElliottJeff and I have worked together on multiple projects as separate agencies. I am always overjoyed when I learn that the design company that is contracted is boundbystars. My working relationship with Jeff and his company is incredible, and when incredible relationships are made incredible project-outcomes happen!